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I'm Rachel. I'm 23 years old and I have a degree in psychology. I do social work things. I like to speak to myself in a British accent sometimes, color when I'm bored, and waste my life on the internet. I do some productive stuff with my life, including my album of awesome original music.

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prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

then prepare for skeleton war



Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

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"Oh, you’re the one that makes me happy 
And you’re the one that makes me sad 

You’re makin’ me sad…”

I like straight up people. I want you to tell me how you feel when you feel it.

Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

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my little cousin got bit by a house spider and she was crying so i went to get some stuff to soothe and numb it but before i could even walk out the door i heard her quietly whisper ‘i can’t handle the responsibility of being spiderman’

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